Laurence: Story Without Words

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Laurence

Title: Story Without Words
Label: CD Baby

Critically acclaimed guitarist Laurence. The original guitar music on the debut album 'A Story Without Words' is of such perfect production and creativity that it rivals the work of Ottmar Liebert and Jesse Cook. All the new flamenco and neo-classical tunes by Laurence are outstanding. Highly recommended. - Rene'e Gelpi, Galaxie CBC. About my music, or as I like to refer to it; an ethnic rhythmic stew: I have played many styles of music over the years but kept returning to acoustic based music. It wasn't until a trip to South America that I really started to hear the dynamic energy of the music that was created on acoustic nylon string guitar. The music I was exposed to, with it's percussive pulsing rhythms, absolutely thrilled me. I knew I wanted to incorporate this into my own writing. It was from that experience that I researched artists and study material and the process is still on going. About Technology After being exposed to the recording studio I developed a love-hate relationship with the recording process...(there have been more than a few times that I was wondering if my 17 inch monitor would fit through my 22 inch studio window). I am however grateful for the fact, that with the advancement of technology, you can create whatever your mind can conceive. That is a very powerful position for any artist to be in. In the end I love the process. Having the tools to record, as you create, cannot be beaten. While I'm in the creative process the world seems full of infinite possibilities. About the CD 'a story without words' The music on my latest CD 'a story without words' is truly a hybrid of many styles and influences. It is an instrumental acoustic guitar based CD that uses a modified flamenco technique to create percussion and strong pulsing rhythms. I like to refer to it as an ethnic rhythmic stew. I have always been drawn to music that makes me travel either geographically or historically. This music music that will take you on an exhilarating journey to the beaches of Cuba, Spain, Brazil as well as to the bustling open air markets of the Mediterranean and Northern Africa. I truly hope you enjoy the music as mush as I did creating it. Cheers, Laurence. Quotes: I am impressed with the quality of music on the disk, and it is well produced - very appealing. Carol Ann Murry--Music Director: Max Trax It's favorite my CD, I never take it out of my CD player. Carolyn I'm really enjoying the disk, we play it for everyone, it makes me think of sun, sand and clear blue waters. Kathy.

1.1 Aminoref
1.2 Incantation
1.3 Tap Song
1.4 Verses
1.5 Harp Song
1.6 Margarita Rumba
1.7 Rolling in
1.8 A Song for Nola
1.9 Traveller
1.10 From a Distance

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