Laurie Andres

Laurie Andres: Kesselgarden

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Artist: Laurie Andres

Artist: Laurie Andres
Title: Kesselgarden

Carl Shutoff (clarinet in C) and Laurie Andres (accordion) constitute the Kesselgarden Klezmer Duo in Seattle, WA. We have been playing together for the past seven years in the Seattle area and take our name from the way Yiddish-speaking Jews pronounced 'Castle Garden', the facility on the southern tip of Manhattan where Jewish immigrants entered this country prior to the opening of Ellis Island in 1892. Among first and second generation Jews, the people we honor with our music, the term Kesselgarden was eventually generalized to mean any situation that was noisy, confusing and chaotic. We are a traditional band, playing music of the 19th and 20th centuries, with original, sweet and joyful arrangements which are neither noisy nor confusing and which can evoke laughter and tears all in the same moment. Or is that just what happens at rehearsals?

1.1 Kostakowsky's Sher
1.2 Alter Yiddisher Tants/Freylekh #5
1.3 Galitzianer Khosidl
1.4 Two Kolomeykes
1.5 Sher
1.6 Romanian Hora/Freylekh in D
1.7 Leon's Khosidl
1.8 Nathan Waltz
1.9 Sirba/Bulgar
1.10 Beckerman Medley

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