Laurie Hart

Laurie Hart: Fiddlespel: Dance Music of Scandinavia

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Laurie Hart

Title: Fiddlespel: Dance Music of Scandinavia
Label: CD Baby

NOTE: This CD is only available as a digital download. We are permanently out of stock of the actual plastic CDs, sorry! Laurie Hart and Sarah Cummings on fiddles, Laurie on nyckelharpa and Hardanger fiddle, with Mia Boynton on guitar and brac and John White on piano and pump-organ. Traditional music from Sweden (mostly), Finland, Norway and Denmark. Fiddlespel brings the dance music of Scandinavia to life with glorious harmonies and rhythmic drive. Having played together since 1998 as leaders of the Daughters of Sweden spelmanslag (Scandinavian fiddlers' league), Laurie and Sarah struck out on their own with this CD. In Scandinavian countries, fiddle music has been played for couple dancing and ceremonial occasions for centuries. Most of our tunes come from Sweden, where each village or region has it's own repertoire of tunes and dances. On this recording, we play many types of polska, a family of couple dance tunes in three-four time, although the three beats are not always equal in length. In the nineteenth century, waltz, polka and schottis were added to the fiddler's reperotire throughout Scandinavia. Early in the twentieth century, the Swedes especiallly developed a rich tradition of two fiddlers playing in harmony. Laurie and Sarah alternate between playing melody and harmony on this recording. Reviews of Fiddlespel: '...infused throughout with Hart and Cummings' beautifully interweaving melodic and harmonic lines...a broad collage of timbre and mood... Fiddlespel prevails in rendering it's songs with virtuous precision.' --Jon Ulrich, ITHACA TIMES 'I was really impressed to hear your final product. You folks are clearly thoughtful listeners and players and have pulled together a very nice collection of music.' --Matt Fichtenbaum, fiddler and nyckelharpa player, Boston.

1.1 Gift-Giving Tune from Bergsj
1.2 Polska from Stra Ryd/Sl Ngpolska from Tryserum [SM Land]
1.3 Polska from Kumla/ Rbyhuspolskan [Bondpolska]
1.4 Polska from Delsbo/Eklundapolska #3
1.5 Bridal March from Valdres [Norway]
1.6 Trollspolska [Hambo]
1.7 Welcome to the East India [S Nderhoning from Denmark]
1.8 R Ttvikspolska
1.9 Katariina's Polka (Finland)
1.10 Grandma's Bridal Polska [Farmorspolska FR N Lvdalen]
1.11 Watch the Tv/Please Sit Down [Schottis]
1.12 Bridal March from Je
1.13 Waltz from Uppland Efter G S Anders
1.14 April Polska
1.15 Halling Etter Mosafinn [Norway]
1.16 Inner Peace [Polska from Gimdalen]
1.17 House-Renovation Polska [Husombyggnadspolskan]
1.18 Summer Waltz/Josefin's Batptism Waltz

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