Laurie Horn

Laurie Horn: Alive Again

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Laurie Horn

Title: Alive Again
Label: CD Baby

LAURIE HORN is an adult alternative singer/songwriter from the metro Detroit area whose eclectic taste in music is reflected in her own brand of pop/rock with a sophisticated edge. She has been influenced by old school funk, rock, soul, and the 60's British invasion. Her songs speak of real life, not always the easy road. There is a purity and simplicity in her vocals. Lyrically and musically LAURIE HORN has been described as Sarah McLachlan meets Sheryl Crow with an underlying funk. After singing lead with a few rock bands in the Detroit area, Laurie decided to launch her solo career. She has spent the last couple years writing and recording. EarBuzz Review: Laurie Horn has assembled 14 wonderfully produced, written, and performed tunes that land somewhere between Adult Contemporary, Pop, and Rock, in her CD 'Alive Again'. Horn's vocal quality is sweet and strong. The track 'Somewhere in Time' showcases her deeper range as it moves into the brighter chorus. It chimes in like a road song - Strat/Tele guitar lines combine with upbeat Crowish movement - and Horn's vocals and harmonies soar in this well written and performed tune. The title track is the anthem 'Alive Again' - as Horn looks back on life and is reborn in some aspect - we assume in her music. She sings, 'I'm feeling stronger now, I'm alive again. .I can't do that again. .I see some light ahead and it's all right'. There are glimpses of Journey in there (really). The next tune, in what sounds like a crossover pop/country effort, 'No More Lonely Nights' features the most radio friendly hum along tune. Three part harmonies glisten -listen to the mp3 clip. In 'Overkill', Horn sings the sad news to someone that their relationship dance is 'overkill' - pleading for a more spontaneous approach - 'sometimes we go so far it tears us apart, our love's always come so naturally straight from the heart'. The production on Overkill is anything but - and the work of Nick Dalbis is infectious with the perpetual acoustic guitar and chugging distorted wah-wah expressions. Mr. Dalbis, incidentally, plays all the instruments and does a world-class job of producing the tunes to make Laurie Horn shine. The final track on the CD is a remake of the Zep tune, 'Whole Lotta Love'. Dalbis and Horn save all the tricks and psychedelia for last as the arrangement and recording is sugar shock. . great stuff. Listen. Be sure to check out her website for the full story.

1.1 Somewhere in Time
1.2 Southwest of Goodbye
1.3 One Kiss Goodnight
1.4 Never Mind
1.5 Bringin' Me Down
1.6 Alive Again
1.7 River of Dreams
1.8 Little Girl Lost
1.9 Falling
1.10 No More Lonely Nights
1.11 Overkill
1.12 Nobody Touches Me
1.13 Intoxication
1.14 Whole Lotta Love

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