Laurie London: Whole World In His Hand

Laurie London: Whole World In His Hand
Title: Whole World In His Hand
Label: Jasmine Records

The traditional African-American gospel song "He's Got the Whole World (in His Hands)" shot to #1 in the U.S. in March 1958-as sung by a 13-year-old from London. Laurie rose to stardom at home in the UK and also became a movie star in Germany, which explains the German-language versions of "Polkadot Bikini," "Sway" and other hits you'll find here. Those join "The Cradle Rock," "Handed Down," "Boomerang," "Darling Sue," the title smash32 of his finest! Jasmine.

1.1 He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
1.2 The Cradle Rock
1.3 Handed Down
1.4 The Gospel Train
1.5 Boomerang
1.6 I?Gotta Robe
1.7 Casey Jones
1.8 I'm Gonna Walk and Talk?With My Lord
1.9 Joshua (Fit the Battle of Jerico)
1.10 Darktown Strutter's Ball
1.11 3 O?Clock
1.12 Up Above My Head
1.13 Pretty Eyed Baby (With Gitte)
1.14 Bum-Ladda-Bum-Bum
1.15 Schöne Weiße Rose
1.16 Old Time Religion
1.17 I?M Afraid
1.18 Roll on Spring
1.19 Banjo Boy
1.20 Schritt FÜR Schritt
1.21 Mamatschi
1.22 Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Honolulu Strand Bikini
1.23 Today's Teardrops
1.24 Darling Sue
1.25 Wild Und Heiss
1.26 Schenk Mir Einen Traum
1.27 I?Ll Make You Forget Him
1.28 Down By the Riverside
1.29 Hopalong-Cassidy
1.30 Ich Bin Nicht Arm Ich Bin Nicht Reich
1.31 Auf Wiederseh'n Marlen'
1.32 Nix Fraulein - Nix Mademoiselle

Laurie London: Whole World In His Hand

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