Laurie Riley

Laurie Riley: World of Music on the Harp

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Artist: Laurie Riley

Artist: Laurie Riley
Title: World of Music on the Harp

'I didn't know a harp could do that!' is a remark often heard at Laurie Riley's concerts. Known for her ability to make a harp sound like a whole new instrument, she can make it speak, make it laugh and cry. This album is a journey through the Celtic lands and South America, plus exquisite original pieces. The mood changes like a kaleidoscope from lively to mellow and back again. Laurie is a pioneer of the double-strung harp, which features two rows of strings and sounds like two harps played at once.

1.1 The Humours of Ballyloughlin
1.2 La Noche Pasa
1.3 Mrs. Stewart's Strathspey
1.4 Medley: Eleanor Plunkett and the Rooftops of Langley
1.5 Atholl Highlanders
1.6 La Tierra Roja
1.7 Judy
1.8 El Parandero
1.9 Ande's Heart
1.10 The Kid on the Mountain
1.11 Carolan's Dream
1.12 Los Tiempos Mas Buenos
1.13 Innis Sheer
1.14 Drowsy Maggie
1.15 Euphemia Lowe of Garvary

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