Laurieanne: Ready to Ride

Laurieanne: Ready to Ride
Title: Ready to Ride
Label: CD Baby

Laurieanne was raised in Florida NY, the daughter of an onion farmer. Her musical influence came from her dad who would always be playing the classic country albums of Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Porter Wagoner, etc. Her best memory was hearing her dad singing every night in the shower to some old Hank song..he could never play an instrument, but he loved music. When Laurieanne was about 18, she took some guitar lessons in the local music shop and her teacher asked her to sing--- this began her love for singing. She formed a country/rock band with her brother Alex and her dad on sound in the early 80's and had been introduced to her current music partner/producer, Fred Scribner, when she was looking for a lead guitar player.. Her dad had gotten very sick and the band split up in 1984. Laurieanne 'retired' completely from the music business after that since it was too emotional to play without her dad being there...she got married, raised her daughter and not until a couple of years ago did she come across her former guitar player Scribner on Facebook. After some coaxing, he talked her into singing again, and the rest is history...she has even come out of her comfort zone and written 8 songs. The songs on the album are country to a fault, but are also infused with a bit of edge with 'Locked Up' being a not so typical love song written with Scribner. She has redone an old blues number 'Since You Been Gone' from a Little Sammy Davis/Scribner album and even thrown in some country rock sounds on 'Drive All Night'. The songs are poetic and each one tells a story in it's own way. Laurieanne has proven herself to an not only a singer but a true artist. In a way, life has come full circle for Laurieanne . Her guitar was gathering dust in the closet for 28 years and now she has plunged deep into the music business with her former guitar player Scribner. She's READY TO RIDE once again!

1.1 You Can't Break Me Down
1.2 Locked Up
1.3 Ready to Ride
1.4 Feels Like Home
1.5 Since You Been Gone
1.6 Sweet Dreams
1.7 Drive All Night
1.8 Beautiful Night
1.9 Summertime
1.10 Until Then
1.11 Too Late

Laurieanne: Ready to Ride

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