Lawanda Page

Lawanda Page: Watch It Sucker

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lawanda Page

Artist: Lawanda Page
Title: Watch It Sucker

If you're in the market for additional X-rated education... "Watch It Sucker" guarantees - ya got that comin'. If you are inclined to believe that you're an "A" student on "Streetology" - (after listening you just might be surprised at all the new goodies you have learned) - it's a sure thing that you'll have plenty of tickles as La Wanda romps from one street corner to another - up one alley and down the other.

1.1 Hoe House Blues
1.2 Crazy House
1.3 Bus Driver
1.4 Thermometer
1.5 Bye Bye Blackbird
1.6 Ring Dang Do
1.7 Star in the East
1.8 Darkie
1.9 The Buggy Ride
1.10 Welcome
1.11 Open Drawer Whores
1.12 Suck It Dry
1.13 Karate Monkey
1.14 The Hoe'in Game
1.15 It's Your Thing

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