Lawless: Showtime

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lawless

Title: Showtime
Label: CD Baby

Lawless grew up as Cornelius Courtney Hicks/Ward in the city of Hot Springs Arkansas. Rapping 4 ova 13 years and been holding the city on my back every step of the way, and now i figure to stop being selfish and share my art with the world. You're welcome. Here's Showtime, this is my first independent project. This album brings you in to my life: what my life is, was, and where I'm trying to have it. I drive myself to be a blunt lyrical artist and I hope that's what you find in this album. So, for more insight get the album, crack the seal, put it in, and vibe wit the man. Because it's lights, camera, action. It's SHOWTIME. THANK YOU.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Man Apart
1.3 I'm That Nigga
1.4 Fool
1.5 Showtime
1.6 My Block
1.7 I Got Mine
1.8 Where I'm from
1.9 I Lived It
1.10 One Time
1.11 Party
1.12 All Day
1.13 I'm Nice

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