The Lawn: What Is the Sound of

Lawn: What Is the Sound of
Title: What Is the Sound of
Label: CD Baby

The Delmarva peninsula. Asbury Park, New Jersey. Hermiston, Oregon. Love, Steely Dan, The Butthole Surfers, Autechre. Since 1999 Portland, Oregon's 'The Lawn' have been baffling themselves. They decided to share. 'What is the sound of...' is a question they refuse to answer in words. 4 chords are never enough. A Zen Koan of craftsmanship, honed in obscurity. 14 songs. Languid, fluid, angular, uptight. Disparate elements kiss (metaphorically) in a wood paneled basement. Heavy meadow. The Lawn.

1.1 Germs of Enqueerment
1.2 Alligator Arms Inspector
1.3 Erstwhile!
1.4 Ham Craft's Moral Battleground of Dreams
1.5 Ancient Patio
1.6 Minions
1.7 80/20 Bunny Girl
1.8 Concerning the Beast People
1.9 Queen of the Radiant Salamanders
1.10 Wing'd Bottomfeeder
1.11 The More They Stomp the Less They Genuflect
1.12 The Language of Lagomorphs
1.13 G-Nome
1.14 The Year of the Lawn

The Lawn: What Is the Sound of

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