Lawrence Flowers

Lawrence Flowers: Shadow Worshiper

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Artist: Lawrence Flowers
Title: Shadow Worshiper

Encompassing an alternative sound fused with both Gospel and Rock n Roll, this album is self proclaimed to collectively be the greatest body of work rendered by Lawrence Flowers & Intercession to date. 'Shadow Worshiper,' trailing LFI's outbreak and widely loved and respected sophomore album entitled 'More,' serves as a clarion call to the supernatural and heroic nature of all man kind. It encourages all of it's listeners to 'Still Believe' in the power of self and to recognize the strength and protection that accompanies being one of God's most beloved creations. With heart grabbing songs that confront the struggles of our humanity, while encouraging the 'Conqueror' that's within to arise from the abyss of fear and defeat, this album renders enlightenment, revelation, and gives purpose of the process and dark/shaded places that we some times find ourselves in. Psalms 91:1 states 'He that dwells in the secret of The Most High shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty'. 'Shadow Worshiper' encourages and acknowledges the hidden place as the place of shelter and safety. It reveals the mind-set of the shadowed hero that understands that their greatest levels of power and performance are developed and displayed from within the shadow. As you listen to this album, allow the presence of The Almighty to Shadow you in His love, grace, power, and protection. No matter where you find yourself in life He's 'Always There'. Our greatest performance may not happen in the spotlight, but a shadowed victory still gets a 'Standing Ovation'. Make this album apart of your musical library today... Behind The Shadow The Voices (S)Shadreika "Lucy" Lane-Hill, (S)Ashlea Jones, (A)Jasmyne Hinson, (A)Ashley Boston, (T)Quentin Holloman, (T)Travis Bell, & (T)Marandal Hayes Other Band Members Not Listed: (S)S.Teneil Threatts, (A)Tina Wilson, (A)TaShawna Johnson, (A)Taylor Tucker Additional Voice: (S)Adonica Nunn - "Like You" Lead Vocalist Shadow Worshiper: Pastor Dave Ragan Like You: Shadreika "Lucy" Lane-Hill Breathless: Paris Bennett Be Glorified: Maurice Griffin The Unborn: Ashley Boston, Jasmyne Hinson, Marandal Hayes, TaShawna Johnson Still Believe: Shadreika "Lucy" Lane-Hill Jesus I Love You: Travis Bell, Jasmyne Hinson Jesus Chant: Ashlea Jones, Shadreika "Lucy" Lane-Hill Conqueror: Pastor Dave Ragan The Sound: (All musical Arrangements by Larry Wilson (TheCloudMusic, LLC) & Lawrence Flowers) Larry Wilson - Keys, Organ, Drums, Auxiliary Keys, Percussion, Drum Programming, String & Horn Arrangements, & Keyboard Bass Tyler Baker - Lead Guitar Kris Joslin - Acoustic & Electric Guitar Arthur Jones (Bass) - "When", "Breakaway", "Still Believe", "Conqueror Arise", "Shadow Worshiper", "Jesus Chant", & "Be Glorified" Winston Lubin (Bass) - "I Win", "Jesus I Love You", & "Always There" Joel Johnson (Rhythm Guitar) - "When" & "I Win" Executive Producer: Lawrence Flowers Songs Written & Produced by Lawrence Flowers Musical Production by Larry Wilson & Lawrence Flowers Engineered by Kenneth Andres Amazemix Media, Jacksonville, FL Mastered by Colin Leonard Sing Mastering, Atlanta, GA.

1.1 Shadow Intro
1.2 Standing Ovation
1.3 I Win
1.4 Like You
1.5 Breathless
1.6 When
1.7 Be Glorified
1.8 Winds of Change
1.9 The Unborn
1.10 Still Believe
1.11 Jesus I Love You
1.12 Jesus Chant
1.13 Always There
1.14 Breakaway
1.15 Conqueror
1.16 Dance

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