Lawrence Smith

Lawrence Smith: Campaign

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Artist: Lawrence Smith

Artist: Lawrence Smith
Title: Campaign

Most of the songs produced by TopSpin. Spellbound and Gotta Stay Fresh the most requested when doing this CD live. My personal favorite is 'The Closing of the American Mind' because of it's logical breakdown of the idea of subjective truth, and American society's definition of morality and ethics (The hook is dope, too! ;o). The music for Chosen was produced by B Shock of S.H.O.C.K. Muzik, one of the freshest producers in Holy Hip Hop, in my opinion. Prisoner is the one that takes most people by surprise, and Push (as well as it's remix) has been garnering praises from a lot of people. Overall, I am pleased with the CD, which will be my final one. Take a listen, and enjoy! God bless.

1.1 Campaign Intro
1.2 Believe
1.3 I Didn't Know
1.4 Spellbound
1.5 Chosen
1.6 Gotta Stay Fresh
1.7 Streetrunner
1.8 Truth
1.9 The Killing Fields
1.10 In Between
1.11 Swagger
1.12 Prisoner
1.13 Acts 16
1.14 Something More
1.15 Push
1.16 Push. Rmx
1.17 The Closing of the American Mind
1.18 Party Over Here
1.19 Party Over Here Out
1.20 Campaign Outro
1.21 Hey

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