Lb Collective

Lb Collective: Waiting for Enchantment

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Artist: Lb Collective

Artist: Lb Collective
Title: Waiting for Enchantment

Singer/songwriter Laura Benjamin and guitarist/bassist AJ Holz compose the creative force behind the LB Collective, a pop-rock duo based in the Atlanta metro area, featuring memorable songs with intelligent lyrics and compelling melodies. What began as a solo project for Benjamin in 2006 morphed into a joint venture with Holz several years ago, resulting in their latest EP, Waiting for Enchantment. As a songwriter, Benjamin is known for having "...the nerve to be unique and write material with content and melody that's memorable....lyrically sound, vocally unique, and above the cut of mainstream nonsense." (Jan Smith, vocal producer). Holz's influence is notable in this latest album release, which features tight grooves and a rockin' rhythm section. Funky bass licks and driving percussion complement thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodic hooks in Waiting for Enchantment. LB Collective received top honors from fans at four times in the past 2 years. In November 2008, the song 'Oblivion' was given the top prize in the 'RedGorilla' category, earning the band a spot in the 2009 RedGorilla Music Fest in Austin, Texas. Several other songs have also earned top awards from the Ourstage fan community in categories as diverse as Alternative Country and Soft Rock. The band released their debut CD, let it go, in the fall of 2007. Produced by Grammy® award-winner Don McCollister of Nickel and Dime Studios, the album showcased 'finely crafted songs ...lightly tinged with likable, streamlined pop, soul and Americana influences."(Creative Loafing, November 2007) Benjamin's soulful vocals, innovative lyrics and bluesy style have been compared to musicians ranging from k.d. lang to Laura Nyro to Joni Mitchell.

1.1 Something Different
1.2 Waiting
1.3 Tabula Rasa
1.4 Losing You
1.5 I Got Nothin'
1.6 A Reason

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