Lea Longo

Lea Longo: Miserably Happy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lea Longo

Title: Miserably Happy
Label: CD Baby

Ray Scott, MD MIX 96 Montreal 'Up-bright with hooks from start to end' The Music Connection, Los Angeles 'Acoustic-electric pop/rock, deftly arranged, well produced and utterly commercial' Kelly Atchison-TheHawk Nova Scotia ' It only took one listen to think, INSTANT ADD!' CMW ' Lively and upbeat, Lea's music is spiritually rewarding as it is danceable' Mitch Joel, The Hour 'A fresh sound that has instantly memorable hooks with verses that build to big choruses, heartfelt, captivating and alive.Longo is a consummate songwriter with an evocative voice-truly remarkable' Micheal C Ross sound engineer, Los Angeles (Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Carlton, Mya, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton)'I heard a lot of songs that day at the L*A*M*P event, Lea's was by far the best' 'If you can imagine it you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.' William Arthur Ward - American scholar, author William Arthur Ward's inspirational words best describe the path in life that Lea Longo has chosen. The Canadian singer songwriter has always taken an honest approach. Her 'Rancho Relaxo' attitude, openness and warm personality underscore her enduring commitment to her craft. The results can be heard on her latest CD, 'Miserably Happy'. Lea was inspired by her Hollywood adventures where she lived for 3 years writing songs and pursuing her music dreams. She recently commented, 'Living in LA was a great learning experience, it gave me courage, inner strength, and inspired me to write music'. Lea's voice is pure, smooth and soothing to the ear. Her early influences of pop and jazz have gently seeped into each song alongside her heartfelt stories of home and life experience. An accomplished singer/songwriter, Lea has garnered world-wide attention with major film & television song placements for the movie 'Cheaper By The Dozen' starring Steve Martin, the immensely popular hit television series 'Dawson's Creek', 'Party Of Five',Fox Tv series 'North Shore', 'Felicity' DVD collections and recently the new hit series on WarnerBros, 'Summerland.' All 4 songs selected for these shows are from 'Miserably Happy'. 'Miserably Happy' is a reflection of how most of us feel. Lea's ability to create and convey these emotions through infectious melodies and vocal talent, make this a complete album listening pleasure.

1.1 Ugly
1.2 Breathe
1.3 Cross Over
1.4 Confessions
1.5 Forever Is a Big Mistake
1.6 Love Song
1.7 Imagination
1.8 Someday
1.9 About Us
1.10 Unclear
1.11 That's Life

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