Lea Mack

Lea Mack: Since There Was You

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lea Mack

Title: Since There Was You
Label: CD Baby

Welcome to all who visit this page. I am thrilled you chose to stop by. Take a listen, get to know me and be blessed. With something for every musical taste Lea is sure to connect with you. You'll enjoy: Funky Country-songs 5&6 Deeply Touching Ballads-songs 3,7,8,9 Gospel Energy-song 10 Contemporary Praise and Worship-songs 1,2,4 Be prepared to feel the Spirit move. Some of the best musicians on the South Eastern coast collaborated with Lea to make this album fun and original. Herb Humphries saves the day on electric guitar. Tim Sidden will move you on piano and keyboard. Duane West thumps masterfully on the bass guitar. And Chris Wood will keep you body moving on percussion. Lea's vocals are clean, clear and strait from the heart. She even throws in some of her own guitar work for fun. Lea Mack, MT-BC, Miss Ohio 1995, Top Ten Semi-finalist at the Miss America Pageant, Christian Singer/songwriter and Recording Artist, Professional Public Speaker, Author of 'Dream Big' a workbook for children and it's leader's guide, and Founder of Dream Big Enterprises, LLC is stepping out into the call on her life to minister to the body of Christ. Experienced ministers in the Christian faith have trained her up for many years and now she would like to bless you with her gifts. The mission of Dream Big Enterprises is to employ Lea Mack's teaching gift, counseling expertise, and years of musical training and performance experience in communicating the understanding and practical skills required for living out the whole and abundant life that Jesus Christ purchased, for all Christians on Calvary, highlighting God's passionate desire for intimate relationship with His children. Lea Mack is a board-certified music therapist with eight years' experience in the field. She puts her professional skills and her ability to connect with the heart of God together in her premiere recording. Lea Mack shares her love of the Lord with you in her own remarkable way. Lea's passion is to see each one of God's children walking in wholeness, stability and health in their soul and spirit. These songs have a ministry of healing and will touch you in your deepest parts where God does His most amazing works. This album will show you what a joy it is to have God working on your life. Featuring music written and composed by Lea, this CD reminds us of who leads and controls our lives. This CD project was birthed by the Holy Spirit and funded by those, in the body of Christ, who believe in the call on Lea's life and ministry. These songs, taken from Scripture and inspired by the Spirit, will bless and encourage your heart. Lea's message is strong and resolute...may yours be also!

1.1 Invasion
1.2 Path of Life
1.3 Since There Was You
1.4 New Thing
1.5 In Your Eyes
1.6 Safety
1.7 The Gift
1.8 Come in
1.9 All I Am
1.10 Pour Out the Fire

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