Leah Foulke

Leah Foulke: Folk By Foulke 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Leah Foulke

Title: Folk By Foulke 1
Label: CD Baby

Leah Foulke's songs are a mix between Nora Jones and Alanis Moristsette. Her voice is strong and soulful and her lyrics always tell a story. The music will make you laugh or cry. If you listen to it, you are bound to feel something. It will remind you of an old friend.

1.1 One More Time
1.2 Little Voice
1.3 Broken Heart Asylum
1.4 Mother
1.5 What Would You Do?
1.6 Beaded Earing
1.7 Waiter Tales
1.8 February
1.9 Solid White Corner
1.10 Angry Song
1.11 Break in the Sky
1.12 Postcards
1.13 Driving

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