Leah Tysse

Leah Tysse: Real Good Fire

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Leah Tysse

Title: Real Good Fire
Label: CD Baby

Leah Tysse's debut album is a fresh take on blues and R&B with plenty of funk, horns and wailing vocals!!! When you hear her voice come out the speakers, you have to do a double, even triple-take before your brain can wrap itself around the fact that what you are hearing is coming from who you are seeing. A rich, sultry voice singing the blues, with lyrical depth and emotion that transcend the years of a woman that looks like her, yet with a freshness of someone her age. This is Leah, as authentic as she can be. She writes and produces most of her music and belts it out like she was born to do so. From her smoking opening title track 'Real Good Fire' with horns reminiscent of Tower of Power and Lydia Pense & Coldblood to her sensual ballads and fresh take on traditional blues you'll always be wondering what's coming next! You won't be disappointed. 'She's got an intuitive feel for the fire and core of a song, and brings that to the audience with both intense conviction and a steely soulfulness...She's a commanding young singer, filled at once with endearing subtly and steely grit.' says Joseph Jordan of Southland Blues Magazine. Check out this hot new album that truly has something for everyone!!

1.1 Real Good Fire
1.2 Can't Take It
1.3 Help the Poor
1.4 Don't Forget
1.5 Mid-Day-Hot
1.6 You Don't Scare Me
1.7 Trippin'
1.8 Sister Go Ahead and Take Him
1.9 What Am I Supposed to Do?
1.10 Turning Your Love
1.11 You Forgave Me
1.12 Tender Rain

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