Leah Zicari

Leah Zicari: Hard Road

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Leah Zicari

Title: Hard Road
Label: CD Baby

Leah Zicari's music has been described as intelligent, poetic, dramatic and intense. The classically trained guitarist-turned-singer/songwriter has weaved together all the elements of her musical background and skill - classical, theater, folk, rock, country, blues - with clever, thoughtful lyrics and invented a style of music all her own. Compared by critics to 'Shawn Colvin meets Pete Seeger meets Ani DiFranco', Leah describes her music as acoustic rock or hopped-up folk depending on the presentation. When playing solo, her songs take on a calm, folk-rock timbre, rich in guitar artistry. When playing with her 4-piece band, her songs transform into high-energy rock. In other incarnations, she has performed with her drummer only, as well as a 3-piece version of her band. This has made her marketable in any venue, from coffeehouses and bookstores, to clubs, festivals and outdoor events. In any form, she 'electrifies and enlightens' on stage. An award winning songwriter and vocalist, Leah signed to Indie label Jericho Records in 1999, who released her first CD, Hard Road, featuring world-renowned bassist Tony Levin. Several of her hook-heavy songs have received honors in song contests, including the 9th Billboard Song Contest, and have received radio play on over 100 stations (including commercial radio) in dozens of countries. She has appeared on three nationally distributed compilation albums as well as other recordings as a backup singer and session musician. When not touring and recording, she plays guitar, bass, and banjo in theater pit bands and orchestras, and has worked with Dave Brubeck, Monica Mancini, Rue McLanahan and others.

1.1 This Is Gonna Hurt Me
1.2 Ready to Tell
1.3 The One Thing
1.4 This Is What I Pray
1.5 One Foot Out the Door
1.6 Summer
1.7 Why Do You Care
1.8 What Am I Gonna Do
1.9 So Much to Say
1.10 Torque Me Baby
1.11 30/99
1.12 If I Give Up My Dream

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