Leah Zicari

Leah Zicari: Pretty on Thursday

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Leah Zicari

Title: Pretty on Thursday
Label: CD Baby

About 'Pretty On Thursday': Leah's second CD, 'Pretty on Thursday', takes the listener on a musical journey of style and substance. From heart-wrenching ballads to groove-oriented rock/pop, Leah's acoustic-based songs are hooky and memorable without ever getting tired. You'll want to keep listening. Within two weeks of it's release, one song from the CD, 'Thursday In December', had placed second in a songwriting contest and received extensive internet radio play. 'Pretty On Thursday' goes to a new level of sound and production and features some of the finest musicians the USA and Canada has to offer. The production quality is as good as what you'd hear on mainstream airwaves. Each song is carefully crafted and will appeal to listeners who remember when the lyric was the thing, when songs had meaning, and to those who miss substance in contemporary music. This recording won't insult your intelligence. About Leah Zicari Leah's catchy and clever songs have appealed to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, but it is her guitar skills that make her a standout among the genre of girls with guitars. With a master's degree in Classical Guitar Performance and her experience as a professional symphony and theater pit musician, her guitar accompaniments reflect this versatile musical background. As a singer/songwriter she has opened for Sophie B. Hawkins, Patty Griffin, The Brothers Creeggan, Don McLean, Melissa Ferrick and Steve Forbert, and she has billed with Edie Carey, Holly Figueroa, Ember Swift, Mary Simon, Erin Smith and Melissa McClelland. An award-winning songwriter and vocalist, she has been compared to Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, Jonatha Brooke, Joan Baez, and was once described as 'Pete Seeger meets Ani DiFranco'. Quotes: From Edie Carey: 'Pretty On Thursday is just a phenomenal record. Zicari is on fire from the first whispered notes of the record to the very last chord. This is a woman who knows exactly who she is, who knows how to play the hell out of her instrument, and who has clearly had music running through every last vein since the day she was born. I don't know exactly what happened in that studio up there in Canada, but it was clearly magical.' From David Alley, manager of Richard Carpenter and the Carpenter Legacy: 'After hearing your submission for the song contest, I just had to hear more of you. I was very impressed!' From Madalyn Sklar, CEO of GoGirlsMusic.com: 'Leah Zicari's newest release 'Pretty on Thursday' is pretty darn awesome! Right from the first track, 'This Is Me', I'm wondering why I'm not hearing Zicari on the radio. The quality of her music and gut-wrenching lyrics take me on a musical journey. This is one of the best CDs I've heard in a long time.' From John Raymond Pollard (Outmusic): 'Sterling vocal arrangements and intelligent lyrics. The entire album is a gem.'

1.1 This Is Me
1.2 So Nice
1.3 Thursday in December
1.4 Kiss That Boy
1.5 Deadly Sin
1.6 Spinning
1.7 Tasted Like Ice Cream
1.8 I Wanna Be Wrong
1.9 Run
1.10 I Slept Through the Morning
1.11 A Better Way
1.12 Goodbye

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