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Leanne Kingwell: Show Ya What

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Artist: Leanne Kingwell

Artist: Leanne Kingwell
Title: Show Ya What

REVIEWS / QUOTES 'SHOW YA WHAT' Album Review by Chuck Eddy, Music Editor of Village Voice (USA) - March 2006 So, stop the presses, this album from Australia is what Avril and Kelly (and uh, maybe even Ashlee and Skye and Hope) *should* sound like. Which is to say, like the first-album Divinyls except less arty and more consistently catchy and funny and sexy, often (in 'You Stink' and the great and hilarious and furious cheated-on-revenge single 'Holding Your Gun' for instance) doing a fast Mott The Hoople (or Angel City?) boogie-woogie hard rock under thick guitar buzz. Leanne Kingwell (that's her name, remember it) kicks their butts like she kicks everybody's this year. My favourite cuts, I think: 'Look At My Life', 'Holding Your Gun', 'You Stink', 'Drop Your Pants' (what is that famous knife-fight riff 'Nuggets' riff in that one from? I'm thinking 'She's a Witch' by The Sonics, but I may be off. And the 'you could get happy...' in it reminds me of the Easybeats and somebody else), 'Can't Get Enough' (where Leanne requests a spanking and biting). Which is to say the hardest rocking ones, which are also her catchiest ones. 'Drop Your Pants' starts out like 'Hey Little Girl' by the Syndicate Of Sound (which the Divinyls covered), then gets tougher and thicker, like the sonics, but the effect isn't '60s garage rock nostalgia at all, probably because Leanne's vocals (basically, she sings a lot like Christina Amphlett at her most rocking) are the most powerful element in the mix. And also maybe as a tribute to Christina, in 'My Hero' she touches herself. With her vibrator. Which is better than you. Predicton (probably premature, but who cares, what else is new with me): *Show Ya What* could wind up being one of the best albums of 2006; 'Holding Your Gun' might be one of the best singles. 'SHOW YA WHAT' Album Review by George Smith (USA) - May 2006 Aussie dame Leanne Kingwell looks like the fresh daughter of the pugs in Rose Tattoo. 'Show Ya What' has many choices for singles. Leanne goes to hell where she wrote a book in 'Look At My Life' and pistol whips her cheating ex in 'Holding Your Gun.' She loses a beau to swinging Tommy James and the Shondells chords in 'So Long' and bawls emotion as a relationship crashes in 'Blind,' the latter with bonus tear-jerking organ by Chris Copping of Procol Harum who did it all for a bottle of red wine. But Kingwell's not done with the undoing of things. Boogiebilly ranting spills out of 'You Stink' and boys are mocked at the expense of electric dildos in 'My Hero.' More bashing about the head is administered for 'Drop Your Pants' which ends in fuzz and a grunting sneer. The guitar is filthy and the voice stays sweet as Kingwell's tongue spurts acid imprecations in time to the beat. Globally, the album is wrought in classic rock 'n' roll combo moves, it's guitar tones exceptional within the genre, complimenting and emphasizing whatever Kingwell chooses to deliver. Although it sounds effortless, it's a difficult arrangement to pull off and, in this case, makes 'Show Ya What' my favorite hard pop rock LP this year so far. MORE REVIEWS/QUOTES on Leanne Kingwell's 'SHOW YA WHAT' Album... 'Passionate, powerful, sexy. One of the most exciting albums released in the last decade.' - Billy Pinnell, Rock Critic 'The most exciting female artist I've heard in a long time. It's an outstanding album. A huge talent... Fantastic musicians... Sensational!' - Off the Record, Triple R FM 'Assertive songwriting of the highest order. Highlights abound on every track. . . ' - MAG (Music Australia Guide) 'Such a great, honest record.' - Jeff Jenkins, Inpress Magazine 'Profane. . . fuck you subtext. . . rocks hard.' - Patrick Emery, 3PBS Album Reviews 'These songs have tremendous appeal live... ' - The Australian Mood, Triple R FM ALBUM REVIEW - MAG - Music Australia Guide by Billy Pinnell (05/05) When was the last time you heard an album featuring a female singer whose original music is influenced by The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Easybeats, 70's David Bowie, Bo Diddley and David Lynch? If the prospect of investigating such a release is mouth watering, do whatever it takes to get a hold of a copy of Leanne Kingwell's debut 'Show Ya What'. Backed by an explosive rhythm section, inventive lead guitar and Chris Copping's Hammond organ, Leanne interprets her intelligent sexy lyrics with a voice that is powerful but never harsh, authoritative and passionate. Highlights abound on virtually every track. The sexy Stones-ish 'Can't Get Enough' ('grab my hips, spank me, jump up and down'), 'Look At My Life' with it's resolute message (I've been to hell and back, still got some fuel in the tank'), the bitingly sarcastic 'Back To Me' ('you'll come crawling, don't sugar coat your reasons, it makes you sound weak... but I guess you are'). This is assertive songwriting of the highest order. Here is a girl who won't be emotionally bullied. The album's two covers, the moody 'Blind' written by James Stewart from Melbourne band Overnight Jones finds Leanne sounding not unlike Julee Cruise, while The Angels, 'Be With You' a mid tempo rocker features another convincing vocal and tasty lead guitar from Stewart. First time out and already Leanne Kingwell has left an indelible mark with 'Show Ya What' - Billy Pinnell ALBUM REVIEW - 106.7 3PBS FM by Patrick Emery (06/05) Leanne Kingwell's debut album works comfortably within her nominal genre. The genealogical context of the music can be traced back to The Runaways via Suzi Quattro. Kingwell's voice has a snarly, attitude-rich quality which, in combination with the fuck you subtext of the lyrics ('Look At My Life'), suggests someone intent on adopting a very demonstrative approach to social and personal relations. There's a nominal division between catchy rock tunes and slower, more soulful songs with an emotive regional twang ('Frightened (Gun Shy', 'Blind', 'Be With You', 'Back to Me (Crawling)', 'More'). My personal preference were for the more rockin' tunes ('Show Ya What', 'Can't Get Enough') where the chunky blues chords bring to mind The Angels and ZZ Top. Particular favourites were 'Drop Your Pants', which teams staccato guitar stabs with profane (and amusing) suggestions for potential male suitors and the piano iced 'You Stink'. This album certainly rocks hard, with a friendliness that commercial radio stations should be attracted to. - Patrick Emery BIOGRAPHY Word is out on Leanne Kingwell's debut solo album, 'SHOW YA WHAT'. And the word is good. Critic, Patrick Emery says 'Profane... fuck you subtext... rocks hard.' MAG (Music Australia Guide) reckons 'Assertive songwriting of the highest order. Highlights abound on every track...' 'Off the Record' say, 'A huge talent... Fantastic musicians... Sensational.' The Australian Mood asserts 'These songs have tremendous appeal live.' Long-time album reviewer, Billy Pinnell, calls it 'Passionate, powerful, sexy. One of the most exciting albums released in the last decade.' Not bad raps for a rebellious catholic schoolgirl who started off in the early nineties, playing bass, singing and writing with cult Melbourne grunge outfit 'Happy Gas Stare'. 'Midnight gigs in sleazy bars just seemed a better alternative for me than midnight mass,' Leanne recalls. 'I spent so many years playing in scuzzie pub venues that I started to believe all air smelled like beer and urinals. But, ya gotta pay ya dues, doncha?' 'Rock n' Roll was not the way to get your 'go to heaven, tickets' when I was growing up. My childhood was dedicated to sport and study. My teenage rebellion was listening to The Clash, Bowie, Sex Pistols and the like, on a 15 dollar walkman, under my blankets when my family went to bed. Maybe that's why I still have a thing for solitude and dark places.' Leanne took 3 years out to write and record 'SHOW YA WHAT'. Why so long? 'It was a musical direction and craft thing. I'd started off in a headbanger band that morphed into a glam rock outfit and then further de-

1.1 Look at My Life
1.2 Show Ya What
1.3 Gun Shy
1.4 Holding Your Gun (Radio Version)
1.5 Be with You
1.6 So Long
1.7 You Stink
1.8 Blind
1.9 Drop Your Pants
1.10 My Hero
1.11 Can't Get Enough
1.12 More
1.13 Holding Your Gun

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