Leanne Zeppa

Leanne Zeppa: Chanting Living Words

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Leanne Zeppa

Title: Chanting Living Words
Label: CD Baby

Thank you for your interest in my CD, Chanting Living Words. It is my first chanting album and I am very excited to share what I hope will be a heart opening and healing experience for you and many other lives. In my early forties I had a nearly four year health crisis that put me in and out of bed for that entire 4 year period of time. I met my teacher Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga and it was the work I did with him that brought about my complete recovery. I wrote about my healing journey and the techniques I used to return to health in my book 'Living Words, A Wisdom Yoga Journey Towards Self'. This CD reflects my desire to share the technology of sound therapy by working with the sacred mystical chants. I have learned and experienced the vast healing power of chanting as it raises the physical vessel's vibratory rate bringing increased health and vitality. I think of chanting as singing to God, or that creative force that brought and sustains all life. Uniting with the vibration of the sacred chants of old, we imbue ourselves with this higher vibration of music and the chanted word surrounding ourselves with light. Another wonderful side effect of chanting and merging with this sacred sound is the heart opening experience you will have. Over time these chants will help melt through any blockages you may still be carrying around from the many traumas we all have suffered. These chants work. They helped me. They healed me. Let them help you! I talk more about the Divine Spiritual Wisdom in my blog Livingwords11.com. It is my hope you will find this music not only healing but a cool vibe to listen to. I really love the music of Enigma, Dead Can Dance, Buddha Lounge, ect, and I want to take chanting music into that kind of vibe. One that allows the repetition of the sacred words to wash over you lifting you and bringing you to a peaceful state leading to a more harmonious life. I want it to be the kind of music you could listen to all of the time keeping the sacred sound of the Divine close to your ear, down to your heart to uplift your soul.

1.1 Guru Ram Das Dance
1.2 Guru Gaitri Mantra
1.3 Sa Ta Na Ma
1.4 Ra Ma Da Sa
1.5 Prayer of God

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