Lederhosen Lucil

Lederhosen Lucil: Tales from the Pantry

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Artist: Lederhosen Lucil
Title: Tales from the Pantry

How to explain Lederhosen Lucil? Montreal resident Krista Muir, through her mischievous alter ego Lederhosen Lucil, has done much to support the notion that one can be pretty weird and still make really phenomenal pop music. Her music, played on vintage keyboards, is ridiculously catchy, genre defying, often hilarious and frequently compelling. Her stage persona - a German-accented mutant complete with blonde braids, a taste for dried apricots, and a growing wardrobe of faux-hosen - has captured the imagination of audiences world-wide with a lightning-fast wit. Shortly after having released her 2nd full-length album Tales From The Pantry, it ranked high on Canadian indie charts and became one of Earshot's Top 50 albums of 2003. Immediately following it's release, Lucil toured North America and Europe with friend and co-conspirator DJ Kid Koala and her cult following grew. Her songs have made her a favorite of Ninja Tune DJ Kid Koala, Matador Records' Mary Timony and LA ska oddsters the Aquabats. Since the release of her 'Apricota' single in November 2004, Lederhosen Lucil has spent much of 2005 touring Australia, New Zealand, Texas, and throughout Europe. Most recently Krista Muir has released a full-colour art book exploring the 8 eye candy filled years of Lederhosen Lucil entitled The Joy of Hosen: Lederhosen Lucil Up Close und Pictorial published by Mudscout Media. She is currently developing a tv series in Montreal while working on her new self-titled musical project that will also be available through CD baby in fall 2007...

1.1 Anarchavid
1.2 Best Dishwasher I Ever Had
1.3 Throwing Up Leaves
1.4 Ooo... Omg
1.5 Herr Noit
1.6 FÜR Annabella
1.7 Meine Augen
1.8 Doin' the Ganglion
1.9 La Vocabulaire
1.10 Sigh About This
1.11 Space
1.12 Semi-Sweet

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