Ledroit / Reimer

Ledroit / Reimer: Passion Selon Saint-Jean

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Product Type: CD

Title: Passion Selon Saint-Jean
Label: Skarbo

After his Mass for a New Century and his Requiem, the French composer and organist Frédéric Ledroit has written a new Saint John Passion for soloists and large orchestra, first performed in 2018 in Germany by the interpreters of this recording. The composer writes: "... It will be too long here to describe the integration of symbolism and figurative forms included in this work, which was rewritten several times. To point out only one example, probably the most strange and immediately perceptible by the listener: the role of Saint John, successively represented by three singers, contralto, mezzo-soprano, and then soprano, from bass to treble, in this order in the score. Voices are raising as the action progresses. Exactly like Dante crawling into hell before flying in Paradise."

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