Lee Abramson: The Antarctic Wars

Lee Abramson: The Antarctic Wars
Title: The Antarctic Wars
Label: CD Baby

Despite his disability of being wheelchair-bound with ALS, Lee has managed to create music using a unique, painstaking method. Utilizing a computer and music notation software he is able to compose using one finger and a touch pad. Lee is no longer able to sing because of diminished lung capacity, but has found a way to "sing" using his own voice with the ModelTalker voice synthesizer. This technology gives Lee a bionic voice that can speak more quickly than nature will allow, and sing impossibly high and low notes.

1.1 Masters of War
1.2 Loretto on the Tiber
1.3 Carry on
1.4 Grimace
1.5 A Penguin with a Sword
1.6 How Soon Is Now
1.7 Schnapps
1.8 Nectar
1.9 Loretto on the Rhine
1.10 Coke Dream

Lee Abramson: The Antarctic Wars

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