Lee Boice

Lee Boice: Meeting of the Legends

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lee Boice

Title: Meeting of the Legends
Label: CD Baby

Words fall short, expressions fade, language seems inadequate in striving to define the musical confluence of two legendary figures from two different parts of the world. Sultan Khan and Lee Boice - one with roots as deep as India itself, the other with a modern sensibility rooted equally in Jimi Hendrix and Ravi Shankar . They met on the streets of New York on a cold winter night . The maestros immediately felt an affinity rooted in soulfulness and decided to make their meeting immortal with this musical masterpiece. Lee Boice composed melodic and detailed tracks while leaving room for Sultan Khan's evocative improvisations. Further enriched by an array of best instrumentalist of this style, both Indian and Western, the results are spectacular-a true 'Meeting of the Legends ' Mystica Music is proud to release this rare piece of 'world fusion music' as every bit of it creates a spellbinding and intoxicating experience for the listeners .

1.1 The Vision
1.2 Losing Oneself
1.3 Making the Way
1.4 Into the Rhythm
1.5 Cloud Nine
1.6 Search for Truth
1.7 Awakening from the Dream
1.8 Into the Bliss
1.9 Freedom Bells
1.10 Freedom
1.11 Soundless Sound

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