Lee Boice

Lee Boice: Visions

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Artist: Lee Boice

Artist: Lee Boice
Title: Visions

The second World Fusion release by composer/guitarist/producer Lee Boice. Visions explores the music of India as seen through the western mind. Sitars spiced with Stratocasters,electric tribal rhythms dance with meditative drones,Zen acoustics melt into smooth jazz,exotic diva voices sparkle over ancient melodies, Pink Floyd mets Ravi Shankar . A new adventure in World Fusion.

1.1 Rasa Vera
1.2 Temple Fires
1.3 Malkauns Dreams
1.4 Kirvani
1.5 Desert Winds
1.6 Arjuna
1.7 Sawain
1.8 For George
1.9 Diva Danse
1.10 Pilgrimage North
1.11 Krishna Flying
1.12 Beloved
1.13 The Snake Charmer
1.14 Living Waters
1.15 Wrath of Shiva

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