Cort, Lee: Love Letters

Lee Cort: Love Letters
Title: Love Letters
Artist: Cort, Lee
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 614346018126
Genre: Gospel

EARLY SUMMER SPECIAL - BLOW OUT - SALE PRESS: '...Incontestably the Gospel album independent of the month.' ( by CEDRIC, France) Lee Cort comes in at #32 on the SoulSorts Best of 2005 list. SoulSorts on Starpoint Radio (UK) showcases 'quality new releases and contemporary soul, gospel and r&b'. On the same list of 'quality new' talent to be released in 2005, as the likes of Kirk Franklin, Kindred, Anthony Hamilton, Mariah Carey, American Idol Contestant LaToya London, Stevie Wonder and Will Downing, Lee finds himself listed #32 with his song 'Never Have To Worry' which features Wendi Willams. 'Superb understated melodic gospel groover with a wonderful vocal arrangement. Another essential CD purchase from 2005'. With his introduction to retail late October 05, is is clear that Lee is sure to be a great addition to other charts around the world for 2006 and beyond. ( BIO With his exceptional range and extraordinary delivery, Lee Cort is the next great voice of his generation. He grew up in Detroit, in a home surrounded by music. Lee recalls of his growth, 'I had been singing since before I can remember.' As a child, his aunts and uncles would pay him quarters to stand on the coffee table and entertain. This may explain his charismatic stage presence. Like many of the greats before him, Lee began to sharpen his vocal talents in church. 'If there was a choir to join or a solo to be sung, I was there.' His backgrouind is reflected in his spiritually aware lyrics. Lee is committed to serving the Lord through his musical ministry. Attending Oakwood College, which produced artists such as Brian McKnight, Take 6, and Virtue, further broadended Lee's musical horizons. While at Oakwood, Lee explored many musical genres including classical, choral, jazz, soul, and gospel. 'His eclectic appreciation is evident in his music, which samples from a diverse pallet of musical colors.' Lee Cort will be a leader in a new generation in gospel music. With writing, arrangement and production to his skill set, he is sure to include his sound as a part of the ever growing Christian music industry. he is a fresh, focused, and a spirit-filled performer. Get ready to turn the music pages of his 'Love Letters'. With his crossover debut single, 'Never Have To Worry', he is sure to be noticed on the Radio, and Top 40 stations alike. 'Hear ye Him!' RECORD LABEL (Album Cat# F005 CD - Released by Record Company: 5 O'Clock Music, Inc. (Label Abbr: FOMI) All Rights Reserved). 5 O'Clock Gospel is a division of 5 O'Clock Music, Inc. LEE IS NOW TAKING PERFORMANCE DATES FOR 2006. BOOK LEE NOW (For More information - email:

1.1 Love Letters Intro
1.2 Free
1.3 So Real
1.4 Love Letters
1.5 Better Way (Interlude 1)
1.6 Better Way (Feat. Montrel Darrett)
1.7 Finally Found a Friend
1.8 Never Have to Worry (Feat. Wendi Williams)
1.9 Praise You
1.10 Love Letters (Interlude)
1.11 When I Praise
1.12 Spirit
1.13 Beter Way (Interlude 2)
1.14 If You Only Knew
1.15 Don't Worry
1.16 The Thank Yous
1.17 Don't Stand By

Cort, Lee: Love Letters


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