Lee/Cruz: Long Way Down

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lee/Cruz

Title: Long Way Down
Label: CD Baby

Boyd Lee & Joe Cruz-Long Way Down The new release featuring one of today's most exciting acoustic groups. With a syle that is truly all their own-one that lifts the spirit and soothes the soul, Boyd Lee and Joe Cruz bring acoustic music back where it belongs. To the heart. The two prove you need only the basics to thrill and capture the listener, and this CD is packed with them. 'For the past 10 days the only music I've listened to has been Boyd Lee and Joe Cruz. It connected on the first listen and hasn't worn thin after repeated listening.' Larry May-St. Paul Pioneer Press 'These guys put out more sound, more energy than most big bands in town. Awesome tunes and great sound.' Julie Lyle-Cities 97 Radio-Acoustic Sunrise DJ.

1.1 Flying in the Rain
1.2 Blues for Gwen
1.3 Thin Walls
1.4 The Way You Do
1.5 Vacation
1.6 Long Way Down
1.7 Pressman
1.8 The Pendulum
1.9 Wild Eyed Willy
1.10 Peace of Mind

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