Lee Doll

Lee Doll: Second Chance

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lee Doll

Title: Second Chance
Label: CD Baby

Second Chance Classic Rock Psychedelic Pop Lee Doll's second album is 15 tracks of audio delight. It's a musical trip from beginning to end. The title song,'Second Chance', has a Sgt Peppers sound and feel to it. 'Find Your Own Pace', evokes Imagine & Hey Jude. Along the way influences of Pink Floyd are detected with Beach Boys style harmonies. Some sound effects are sprinkled through out and even snatches of the 1812 Overture can be detected. The opening song,'Get Out Of Your Skin',let's you know that you are not in Kansas anymore. 'Everything Will Be Alright', comes along next just when you start to notice that the colors seem a little more intense. 'Many,Many Years Ago',continues your journey to a distant past. 'Chant And Walk',takes you to 'Uh-Huh,Oh Yeah,All Right',then a 'Fan Fair', before you find out that he's a 'Legend In His Own Mind'. You will also go through a 'Transition', 'Another Second Chance', 'Love Is For Real', 'Thank You-All', and 'Wave Good-Bye'. You will be saying at albums end, 'I'm Alone,I'm Not Lonely'. Recommended to all that enjoy a mind expanding experience. Lyrics are included. Positive Spirit Summer OF Love.

1.1 Get Out of Your Skin
1.2 Everything Will Be Alright
1.3 Transition
1.4 Second Chance
1.5 I'm Alone, I'm Not Lonely
1.6 Many, Many Years Ago
1.7 Chant and Walk
1.8 Uh-Huh, Oh Yeah, All Right
1.9 Fan Fair
1.10 Legend in His Own Mind
1.11 Love Is for Real
1.12 Thank You
1.13 Another Second Chance
1.14 Find Your Own Pace
1.15 Wave Good-Bye

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