Lee Doll: Think-Do & Say

Lee Doll: Think-Do & Say
Title: Think-Do & Say
Label: CD Baby

Hello and thank you for accepting my latest album into your world. This is my 3rd release of original songs. I hope you will enjoy the music and the lyrics will bring inspiration to your life. I have put my heart and soul into the creation of this CD. Once again Bill Pratt collaborated on the song writing and production. We were fortunate to acquire the services of some of the best musicians to aid us in preparing this album for you. This is a pop/rock album appropriate for the entire family. It will remind you of a classic rock album. This is intentional, as this is the style of music that I love. Maybe you do too? My musical influences permeate this production. I'm not ashamed to admit that we have borrowed from the best. All in all it is meant to be a fun recording to dance to or sing along with. Doing both is encouraged. Now go find the nearest device that will allow the encoded digital bits to explode from your speakers. Enjoy the experience and may all your dreams come true. Thank you for being part of my life. Lee Doll.

1.1 Want to Believe
1.2 Think Do ; Say
1.3 You Get What You Expect
1.4 Little Bit of Love
1.5 Brought Me to You
1.6 Jewel of the Lotus
1.7 It Remains to Be Seen
1.8 Hard to Tell
1.9 No Trouble
1.10 Spirit Leads Me
1.11 Think Do ; Say (Again)

Lee Doll: Think-Do & Say

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