Lee McCormack

Lee McCormack: Open Road

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lee McCormack

Title: Open Road
Label: CD Baby

The CD has been sent to radio and is getting great response from the fans. On behalf of Lee and Galaxy Records we thank you for your support. The single 'What Turns You On' as well as 'Open Road' (the title track) is getting a lot of airplay in the following states: Nebraska, Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Oklahoma, Minnasota, Kansas, West Virginia, Ohio, & Wisconsin. Rarely does an entertainer come along with all the actions of a true winner, the personality of your best friend, and the ability to keep you focused on the stage all evening. Galaxy Records recording artist Lee McCormack is just that type of entertainer. He is the newest member of the Galaxy family and his new single has shipped to radio nation wide.The single is called 'What Turns You On' Be sure and contact your favorite radio station and request to hear Lee McCormack...you'll be glad you did.

1.1 Destination You
1.2 Alice in Wonderland
1.3 Fall of the Year
1.4 Party Time Tonight
1.5 Open Road
1.6 Paint with the Colors You're Given
1.7 Life Is for the Living
1.8 That's Me
1.9 Bittersweet
1.10 What a Heart Will Do for Love
1.11 That Much Is Right
1.12 Girl, I Need You
1.13 No Place to Land
1.14 What Turns You on

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