Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo: Between the Times and the Tides

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lee Ranaldo

Title: Between the Times and the Tides
Label: Matador Records

Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo puts out his first proper, song-oriented studio album. Recorded with longstanding Sonic Youth producer John Agnello, the album is a shimmering and melodic tapestry of rock sounds.

1.1 Waiting on a Dream
1.2 Off the Wall
1.3 Xtina As I Knew Her
1.4 Angles
1.5 Hammer Blows
1.6 Fire Island (Phases)
1.7 Lost (Plane T Nice)
1.8 Shouts
1.9 Stranded
1.10 Tomorrow Never Comes

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