Lee Shaw Trio

Lee Shaw Trio: Live in Reutlingen

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Artist: Lee Shaw Trio

Artist: Lee Shaw Trio
Title: Live in Reutlingen

While on tour in 2007, the Lee Shaw Trio had the opportunity to perform a concert at Art Gallery Reutlingen (Germany), curated by Tobias Festl (who also owns the fantastic bass shop upstairs from the gallery called World of Basses). A wonderful atmosphere that evening created a most special bond between Lee Shaw and her group members (Rich Syracuse and Jeff Siegel), Tobias Festl and the audience as well . Inspired by that night, Tobias created the week long Lee Shaw Jazz festival in September, 2008. This memorable week of concerts featured the Lee Shaw Trio in concert, as well as the trio backing several talented European musicians including Torsten Goods, Nils Wogram, Julian Wasserfuhr, Cecile Verny and Harry Sokol. The week was a real happening and led to the idea of Lee recording with some of the great musicians of Germany; which is how the concerts you hear on this CD came together in late May/early June 2009. This time around the trio had the pleasure of coming together with two extremely talented saxaphonists, Yohannes Enders and Michael Lutzeier. We hope you enjoy the sounds and atmosphere of these two evenings.

1.1 Falling in Love Again
1.2 Music 4 Food
1.3 Body and Soul
1.4 It's Alright with Me
1.5 Tears
1.6 Turnaround
1.7 Lonely Town
1.8 Stella By Starlight

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