Lee Telle

Lee Telle: Wiggle Your Thang

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lee Telle

Title: Wiggle Your Thang
Label: CD Baby

My name is Lee Telle. I am a musician/singer/songwriter and record producer. I was born in Baton Rouge, La. and lived there for 18 years then lived in Dallas, Tx. some of my life. I got a drum set at the age of 2 and that's when I decided to play music. My first record was Kiss Alive!! and Styx at the age of 5. I then started listening to my parent's old records of Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty as well as the Beatles and Fats Domino and that is when I started beating on my dad's piano. At the age of 8, I got an Elvis Christmas album, Ac/Dc back in Black and Hank Jr. I used to listen to George Jones in my Grandpa's truck when I was little also. My musical desires became stronger and started playing guitar at the age of 9. One of my first concerts was Van Halen and when I saw Eddie Van Halen jumping around that's when I knew I wanted to play music as a career. I then played guitar in some rock bands as a teen started listening to artist like Lynrd Skynrd, Guns n Roses & George Strait. I went for my dreams when an opportunity arose and moved to Texas at the age of 18 to be in a band that had a record deal. I've played on the same stages with many well known artists such as the Nixons, Alice Cooper, Pantera, Travis Tritt & Tanya Tucker. The band eventually split up and my true love for country music happened when I got the chance to see George Strait and Garth Brooks sellout at the Texas Stadium. That's when I decided to start singing. My cajun accent developed into a little southern drawl from living there but didn't think that was too happening to sing rock n roll music therefore, I began singing country. I wasn't sure if I could be a front man because I was always used to playing guitar in bands. I then returned to my home; Louisiana. My dad wrote a country song that we recorded. We got such a great response I then wrote my own song called 'Redneck Boy.' One day I was surfing the net looking at Blake Luquette's website and was trying to figure out how to get his CD and that's how I got in contact with the president of the Ralph Records Empire. I told him that I write and record my own music and where to listen to it on the web. Then one day the president of Ralph Records called me and wanted me to sign a record contract and that was that so here I am. Some of my musical influences are Lynrd Skynrd, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Van Halen, George Strait, Garth Brooks, George Jones, Motley Crue, Kiss, Guns n Roses, Frank Sinatra, Hank Jr, Charlie Daniels, Buck Wheat Zydeco, Jerry Lee Lewis, Marcia Ball, James Brown, and the king Elvis Presley. I like to fish, dance, cook, computers, going to the movies, producing other talented artists, writing songs, recording, play live, cowboy hats, boots, raising hunting dogs, going to concerts & festivals and I love beautiful women.

1.1 Red Neck Boy
1.2 Down to Texas
1.3 Can't Live Without You
1.4 Bottom of My Heart
1.5 Do You Feel Like I Do
1.6 Honkey Tonk State of Mind
1.7 Real Sexy Man
1.8 Cajun Boy Blues
1.9 Rockin Good Time
1.10 Problem Child
1.11 Girl Like You
1.12 I'm a Player
1.13 Bar Hoppin Son of a Gun
1.14 Wiggle Your Thang

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