Lee Whittaker: Alone

Lee Whittaker: Alone
Title: Alone
Label: CD Baby

Doing my own thing and finding a way to vent all the things inside that i can't say....this is my way ...pain is real, there's no escape...it knows no color, gender or race....and in turn, happiness is pain's evil twin, either way we all get hit with both....this is the only way i know how to deal.....i grew up in the south and dream'd big dreams...never stopp'd, never will...but the difference is that i choose to chase them in this life time til the great hand on the clock strikes that hour...and then a whole nuther Dream begins....wonder what it'll be then...

1.1 Still Running
1.2 Alone
1.3 Fallen
1.4 Six Weeks
1.5 Become One
1.6 I'm Sorry
1.7 One More Time
1.8 Time
1.9 Goodbye
1.10 Breathe

Lee Whittaker: Alone

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