Lefty Jones Band

Lefty Jones Band: Lord Have Mercy on My Soul

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Product Type: CD

Title: Lord Have Mercy on My Soul
Label: CD Baby

The Lefty Jones Band is based in New York City, but there are satellite Lefty members in Nashville, Seattle, and upstate New York. Sometimes we record with the entire band, sometimes with missing links, and sometimes it seems that the only one who shows up is the dog. This record is a real bare-bones affair in honor of said dog. Hope you like it.

1.1 Bad As Your Man
1.2 Deep River Blues
1.3 All the Roads Are Bumpy
1.4 Old Folks Dance
1.5 On the Train
1.6 Apologies to Eddy
1.7 Storm Clouds in Heaven
1.8 Lord Have Mercy on My Soul
1.9 Lonesome
1.10 Waitin' on Women
1.11 Military Reason
1.12 Moonlight Sun
1.13 One of Your Bums
1.14 Little Bird
1.15 Capital G
1.16 You're the Hottest Mama
1.17 Plenty of Money Blues
1.18 Hide in Your House
1.19 Poor Little Girl
1.20 Jake and Eddy
1.21 Don't Kick Em When They're Down
1.22 Fishing Pier

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