Lefty Jones Band: Reach for the Sky

Lefty Jones Band: Reach for the Sky
Title: Reach for the Sky
Label: CD Baby

Good Luck I was wearing this hat all day and then it somehow just vanished totally. I thought it was in my apartment somewhere, but it wasn't. It had actually vanished for real. I am not making this up. This is sort of like what happened with my lucky ring that I wrote about maybe four books back. That ring deconstructed on me completely. But back to this hat-I figured this was my lucky hat. And then it went and did that. I am hoping that it will come back. I am hoping that it is out there somewhere just re-loading up on luck, and that it will be back soon, sort of proud as punch and ready to serve. Some people probably have really big lucky things. Like some people probably have lucky cars, or even lucky houses, or maybe even lucky cities. Some people may think the whole country they are living in is lucky, or the whole entire universe. Wouldn't that be great if this really was the lucky universe. Out of all the universes out there, this one is the lucky one. Well, you can thank your lucky stars that you are riding your lucky car in your lucky city in your lucky universe wearing both your lucky hat and your lucky ring on your way home to your lucky house! Then your lucky dog comes over and gives you a big lick, and somebody has made you your favorite, lucky food, and then you had your lucky drink, and then your Violet came over and she gave you a tremendously lucky one, and then you drifted down the street on a heartbeat and a high and you found a lucky dollar and a dime, and this was your lucky day. All day long lucky kisses were coming your way, and lucky glances, and lucky smiles, and luckily you were in it all, and that night you had a lucky dream, and in that dream all your lucky dreams came true except for some of them, and luckily, they didn't come true, because they were not suppose to come true, and lucky for you they didn't because if they had, you might have counted your chickens before they were hatched or you might have been out there on the road somewhere without a frying pan. There are no boundaries nor rules when it comes to luck and there are no parameters to hang your lucky hat on, like on an old rusty nail. No, you are in the wilderness with this luck thing, but it is a lucky wilderness. It is plenty wild, but plenty subtle too, and you can't control it ever. All you can do is thank your lucky stars. Good luck! (c)2014, Jeff Harris There is writing like this available as really inexpensive kindle or Nook ebook. Look for either, 'Smiley-Man Chronicles' by Jeff Harris, or 'Church of the Red Arrow' by Michael Houlihan.

1.1 One, Two, Three
1.2 Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
1.3 Monday's Donuts
1.4 St. Dripping-Wet
1.5 Girl Talk
1.6 Wacky World of White People
1.7 Stealing Thunder
1.8 Trouble with the Pirate Ship
1.9 Hey, No, Nobody Knows
1.10 Road to Ruin
1.11 Big Talk
1.12 Ceegar
1.13 Wrinkle
1.14 Penny Jenny
1.15 Up the Deuce
1.16 Nude Model Wanted
1.17 Theatre of the Absurd
1.18 Republicans
1.19 Button
1.20 Country-Store Thieving Blues
1.21 Dusty Old Town
1.22 Suits
1.23 Play the "Broken Bucket"
1.24 Reach for the Sky

Lefty Jones Band: Reach for the Sky

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