Legend: Moonshine

Legend: Moonshine
Title: Moonshine
Label: Repertoire

Original vinyl artwork in square CD digi sleeve format card wallet - no plastic plus inserted fold-out poster two bonus tracks, feat. Both sides of a rare single. Booklet with authoritative & extensive liner notes by respected author & journalist Chris Welch, including an interview with group founder Mickey Jupp. Expertly re-mastered-superb sound. Limited to 2500! Repertoire. 2006.

1.1 Moonshine
1.2 Another Guy
1.3 Mother of My Child
1.4 Captain Cool
1.5 Ausfahrt
1.6 Eingang
1.7 Shine on My Shoes
1.8 Writer of Songs
1.9 Local Folk'ol
1.10 At the Shop
1.11 Just Because
1.12 Don't You Never [Singe A-Side (UK)]
1.13 Someday [Single B-Side (UK)]

Legend: Moonshine

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