Legendz: Bout Time

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Legendz

Title: Bout Time
Label: CD Baby

Tight ass street rap from Detroit's Legendz brings together the best of The D with Seven The General matched up with Louisiana's Swamp Dog. It's Like Gumbo. It's all in there.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Can't Fuck Wit This (No Sir)
1.3 Still Won't Stop
1.4 We in the Building
1.5 Wibbity Bootie
1.6 I'm Back
1.7 Out of Sight Out of Mind
1.8 Heroin (Skit)
1.9 Young Boy Fresh
1.10 What It Be Like
1.11 Pimp Hand
1.12 What the Business Is
1.13 How I'm Built
1.14 Going Major
1.15 Ticket Out the Ghetto W/Ishmel
1.16 Stretched Out
1.17 Outro

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