Leigh Ann Phillips

Leigh Ann Phillips: Call of the Feather

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Product Type: CD

Title: Call of the Feather
Label: CD Baby

This CD is a collection of songs about love, the land and the evolution of these times. This album means the world to me, for I feel I now have a recorded document of hope, and hope with action. Beauty is a form of healing, and these songs have already traveled to different parts of the world, reminding us that each of us has a purpose in being here. The quartz crystal singing bowls are on two of the songs, as well as recordings of raven, and the Sandhill Cranes from the San Luis Valley of Colorado. This album weaves the beauty of strings, woodwinds, piano and percussion with full production.

1.1 Call of the Feather
1.2 Single Raven
1.3 What a Gift You Are
1.4 Tierra Sagrada
1.5 House of Leaves
1.6 I Lay in Her Womb
1.7 Some Dare
1.8 The Ancestors
1.9 Carry Me Home
1.10 Wayfinder
1.11 What Are the Odds
1.12 Something's Coming
1.13 A Refuge of Time

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