Leigh Carriage

Leigh Carriage: On Impulse

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Leigh Carriage

Title: On Impulse
Label: CD Baby

Leigh is one of Australia's leading contemporary jazz vocalists. By the end of her recent performance at the North Coast Jazz Festival, several people could be seen in the audience with tears in their eyes. Leigh's singing is both masterful and passionate. Her repertoire, including many of her own compositions, is always musically and lyrically profound, and the transparency and honesty of her communication ranges from engaging to devastating. She currently holds the position as head of vocal studies at Southern Cross University, Lismore Australia, where her expertise in vocal science and music has gained her an international reputation. Other festival performances include the prestigious Monterey Jazz Festival as well as Byron Bay Blues and Roots, Woodford Folk, Melbourne International Women's Jazz Festival and Sydney's Newport and Manly Festivals and more recently the North Coast Bangalow Jazz Festival. Leigh's first critically acclaimed CD, 'Until', was released in 2004. In 2006 she released a dynamic live recording, 'On Impulse', featuring her original compositions Treading Water, (Baby) I Don't Want You To Go and Going Home.

1.1 Boat on the Sea
1.2 Crazy Cries of Love
1.3 Come on in My Kitchen
1.4 Never Mind
1.5 Mad About the Boy
1.6 Oh My God
1.7 I Don't Want You to Go
1.8 Going Home
1.9 Waters of Tyne
1.10 Damn Your Eyes
1.11 Treading Water
1.12 Overjoyed

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