Leila a.

Leila a.: Mustang Johnny

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Artist: Leila a.

Artist: Leila a.
Title: Mustang Johnny

'Mustang Johnny' has been honored as a 'Semi-Finalist' in the Rock category by the contest Song of the Year! They have chosen Leila A.'s songs twice. Song of the Years' staff selected Leila A. to their December's Selected Artists List. This includes artists from around the world whose work is considered impressive and highly suggested listening. 'Tangerine Moon' is racing up to the top of the Rock catagory on Reverbnation! Every minute another fan signs up to be a Leila A. fan.

1.1 Mustang Johnny
1.2 The Text Doesn't Lie
1.3 Cause Here I Am
1.4 Colours of Your Love [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
1.5 Tangerine Moon
1.6 Hearts Running Out the Door
1.7 Sapphire Jeans
1.8 Beautiful Dancing Eel
1.9 Can't Let You Go [Instrumental] [Instrumental]

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