Leilujh: Dreamtime Escape Plan

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Artist: Leilujh

Artist: Leilujh
Title: Dreamtime Escape Plan

A brilliant concept album of eerie, twisted nursery rhymes sung by indie rock queens Marisa Chaves and Samara Violet. With elements of psychedelic rock, shoegaze, disco, pop, jazz, opera, cabaret, and 1920's circus music, this album tells the story...THIS IS LEILUJH!! WE ARE WRITING ABOUT OURSELVES EVEN THOUGH THIS IS WRITTEN IN THE THIRD PERSON VOICE! BUY OUR ALBUM SO THAT WE CAN PLAY AT THE FILLMORE! Leilujh is, and forever will be, Marisa Chaves, Samara Violet, Brandon Chaves, Adam Thorsness, John Powell, and Creston Creswell.

1.1 Générique
1.2 Escape Plan B
1.3 Fingerpainting
1.4 Disco Hero
1.5 Peek/Pique/Peak
1.6 Loki's Theme
1.7 Glamorous
1.8 Audrey's Theme (Intermission)
1.9 Mirrensong
1.10 The Kiss of the Actress
1.11 Mr. Linden's Library
1.12 Lazy Marguerite
1.13 The Cat's Dilemma
1.14 The Death of Lincoln Beachey
1.15 Peppermint Man
1.16 Dreamtime Escape Plan

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