Lemon Jam: Ride N Sing Along

Lemon Jam: Ride N Sing Along
Title: Ride N Sing Along
Label: CD Baby

This sing along CD is specially designed to keep your kids busy and learning in the car. Fun, friendly characters will keep the under five crowd entertained while helping them learn colors, shapes, car safety, rhymes, and much, much more. Each track has something new and interesting for your child to learn. Each song contains clever lyrics and a catchy tune that everyone in the family will be singing in no time! SWASHBUCKLER JOE, A friendly pirate and his parrot, 'Crackers' sing about shapes and teach about bucklin' up in the car! MARY teaches her lambs how to ride safely in the car. THE COWBOY has everyone looking for different objects in this 'Hootennany' of a song! GRANDMA MOUSE teaches numbers and the virtues of only riding with who you know. BROADWAY BETTY does a number with numbers and THE LEMON SISTERS give Mom and Dad a break in 'Let the Driver Drive!' Other characters include TOMMY TAXI and JON, SUSAN and MOLLY as themselves. Welcome to the Lemon Jam family! Lemon Jam Records are committed to producing the highest quality music for children. We aim to be fun, educational, interesting and positive. Simply put, good music and good lyrics for a younger audience.

1.1 Mary's Car
1.2 Wibblety Wobblety Whoa!
1.3 Hootenanny
1.4 Oodleooh, I Like Blue
1.5 Swashbuckler Joe
1.6 Circus Came to Town
1.7 Let the Driver Drive
1.8 Rhymetime
1.9 Look Both Ways
1.10 Away Away We Go
1.11 One Two Three
1.12 Squares and Circles
1.13 Stoplight Game
1.14 Opposites
1.15 Peter Piper
1.16 Holding Hands

Lemon Jam: Ride N Sing Along

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