Lemon Juju

Lemon Juju: Like Candy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lemon Juju

Title: Like Candy
Label: CD Baby

Spawned in 2001 from the ashes of a cappella ruin, this ukulele duo has risen like some kind of vicious, fiery bird to ravage the musical landscape with sweet harmonies and brilliant, albeit somewhat caustic, lyrics. \'Lemon Juju represents the culmination of a lifetime of bitter observation and uncomfortable personal revelation,\' says Ms. Cynsa Bonorris, one half of the dynamic duo, \'I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wretched, soul-sucking boyfriends of my past, without whose neglect and machinations this outburst of creativity would not be possible.\' Ms. Alyn Kelley, co-juju, is quick to add, \'We\'d also like to thank all the sweet, wonderful boys of our past, although, uh, I guess we didn\'t write any songs about them.\' Lemon Juju has performed to the crazed delight of audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their song, \'George Bush, Bad Man,\' has enjoyed popularity on KPFA radio. What people are saying about Lemon Juju: \'Who knew such trenchant observations and hilarious situations could be rendered so musically irresistible with ukuleles? Great singing, too.\' --David Gans, Author and DJ, KPFA \'I love Lemon Juju. Their songs are smart, pungent and hilarious. Their singing is gorgeous. We must all worship Lemon Juju, it will be good for us.\' --Cynthia Heimel, Author, \'Sex Tips for Girls\' \'They could probably kick your ass.\' --Brady Lea, Playwright.

1.1 Other Girl
1.2 Robinson Crusoe
1.3 Shape of Name
1.4 Daddy's Boy
1.5 Stepford Wife
1.6 Opening Credits
1.7 Monk Chant
1.8 Building Beautiful Things
1.9 Blues Man
1.10 Her Name Is Ingrid
1.11 Once in a While
1.12 Potscrubber Girl
1.13 Three Whole Days
1.14 Schwarzschild Radius
1.15 Already Gone

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