Lemon Sun

Lemon Sun: Lemon Sun : Run with the Faithless

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Artist: Lemon Sun

Artist: Lemon Sun
Title: Lemon Sun : Run with the Faithless

Lemon Sun are a melange of music from several decades. Blending sounds of new and old to create something of their own... The frantic energy of rock and roll, the swagger of punk & garage, the sass of glam, the earnestness of folk, the whimsy of psychedelia, and the groove of soul. Every song is memorable and has an infectious pop sensibility. The lyrics are playful and insightful. Sometimes speaking of love or social commentary always infused with symbolism and intelligence. Arguably one of the best rock and roll bands out right now.

1.1 Congratulate Our Thievery
1.2 Run with the Faithless
1.3 Edge of Defeat
1.4 The Thrill
1.5 Wanna Have You
1.6 Fall for You
1.7 The Loner
1.8 Same Old Ground
1.9 Nobody Knows
1.10 Did You Say
1.11 Steal Us Away
1.12 Dying Age

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