Lenny Solomon

Lenny Solomon: Stories from the Holy Land

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lenny Solomon

Title: Stories from the Holy Land
Label: CD Baby

Lenny Solomon Age 44 Birthday January 9, 1961 Born in Manhattan and lived in Queens NY until 1996. Moved to Israel July 1996. Currently resides in Bet Shemesh; A city in between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Lenny comes from a long line of Cantors going back many generations. Musical Education Private Lessons in Accordion from Age of 8-18. Piano Lessons from age 15-18 Minored in music at Queens College Complete Musical Education in Liturgical Music. Lenny Solomon is the head of a Jewish Rock and Roll Band called Shlock Rock. He has released 25 CD's. Ten original, 10 parody and 5 Children's. The mission of Shlock Rock is to spread Jewish Pride, Identity and Awareness to the World Jewish Community. In 1993 Shlock Rock became the only Jewish Rock Group to get a question in the Trivial Pursuit game. Stories from the Holy Land developed very quickly. Six months after moving to Israel in 1996 I started writing about the experiences both spiritual and physical. The result was writing faster than I had every written. The album has major pop influences from Billy Joel, Squeeze and all 70's and 80's pop. All the songs are based on true stories and was released in September 1997.

1.1 The Streets of Jerusalem
1.2 Aliyah Dream
1.3 Can We Feel the Pain
1.4 Limited Perspective
1.5 Angel from Heaven
1.6 Luckiest Ones in the World
1.7 Rhythm of the Nation
1.8 Living Legends
1.9 Tel Aviv PD
1.10 Prayer for a Leader

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