Leon Lowman

Leon Lowman: Cruise Control

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Leon Lowman

Title: Cruise Control
Label: CD Baby

I've been composing music since the early 70s using synthesizers and a multi-track. I started playing the piano by ear as a child and never stopped. My influences are jazz and funk; music with a groove. Artists such as George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Jan Hammer, Quincy Jones, and Tower of Power are my biggest influences. The focus of this CD is music to cruise by, whether you're cruising in a car, jogging on the trails, kayaking on the water, or working out...wherever you do your thing. It's music to get up and be alive with, to move with, to find adventure! For me, composing music one track at a time and then mixing it all down is like painting. You add this, you change that, and in the end you blend it all together to create a finished composition, just like a large canvas. I paint large abstracts about the water, the ocean, the river because my passions are kiteboarding and surfing. Please see my paintings at geocities.com/leonlowman Thanks for your interest in my music. Ain't life grand?

1.1 Cruise Control
1.2 Big Air
1.3 Horizon Hopping
1.4 Wind Rider
1.5 Strut
1.6 Body Heat
1.7 Space Monkeys
1.8 The Girl Can Dance
1.9 Blonde
1.10 City Heat

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