Leonard Brothers

Leonard Brothers: As Time Goes By

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Artist: Leonard Brothers
Title: As Time Goes By

From the liner notes: It's the basis of music - more fundamental than do-re-mi. In this CD, as in all the Leonard Brothers' CDs preceding it, time is regarded as the most essential and critical musical element. Every song on this CD had to pass the test of time - not in the colloquial sense of longevity - but in a more immediate sense. After we finish recording a song, we ask the recording engineer to replay the intro then skip to the ending. If there is a noticeable tempo change between the first few bars and the final few, we do it all over again. Personally two of my favorite songs that are incredibly locked in tempo-wise are 'So Many Stars' and 'Blues for the Brothers'. Listen to my bass and my brother's drums and it's almost as though we are one instrument. And by the way, we don't have metronomic "click tracks" flowing through the headphones to keep the time solid - it's all done au naturel. While some jazz cats may try to blow you away with notes, we try to blow you away with tempo. As the lyrics of a classic song on this CD so aptly state - the fundamental things apply as time goes by. - Gerry Leonard Personnel: Garry Leonard - Drums After graduating from Eastern Michigan University on a full music scholarship, Garry toured the U.S. with brother Gerry, singer Leslie Kendall, and pianists Alan Broadbent, John Serry and Gus Sims. He settled in Kansas City and began a career in music education with the North Kansas City School District. He's played with various groups in KC as well as the Starlight Theater, KC Chiefs Band and the Kansas City Symphony. Gerry Leonard - Bass Gerry played trumpet through college and following graduation, toured the U.S. playing bass with brother Garry for several years. He's played with many local Kansas City musicians including long stints with such notables as Frank Smith, Richard Ross and Joe Cartwright. For the past 20 years, Gerry has worked as a writer for several advertising agencies in Kansas City. Danny Embrey - Guitar Danny is a local musician, guitar instructor and recording artist with an international reputation. He toured for many years with Sergio Mendez, was a member of Clare Fisher's Latin Band and most recently has been touring with Concord recording artist, Karrin Allyson. Paul Smith - Piano For over 30 years, Paul has maintained the perfect dual career - a music teacher by day and a jazz musician by night. Paul has worked with a plethora of locally and nationally known jazz artists and has appeared at jazz festivals in Berlin and Montreaux. Mike White - Tenor Saxophone Mike White is a lawyer and former county executive whose first love has always been jazz. He has worked with Cab Calloway, Jay McShann and many other Kansas City jazz musicians. Mike has spent a great deal of time in the 18th and Vine area, sitting in with such jazz notables as Charles Kynard and Wes Montgomery. Gary Helm - Latin Percussion Gary has been performing in the Kansas City area for the past 25 years, specializing in percussion and electric bass. He has toured the U.S. extensively with such well-known artists as Chaka Khan, the O'Jays, Teddy Pendergrass and Earth, Wind and Fire. Horns: Aaron Simcox - Saxophone, Stan Kessler - Trumpet, Steve Dekker - Trombone Synthesized strings arranged and performed by Walter Bryant.

1.1 Scotch and Soda
1.2 Tag, You're It
1.3 As Time Goes By
1.4 Route 66
1.5 So Many Stars
1.6 Blues for the Brothers
1.7 Bye Bye Blackbird
1.8 Misty
1.9 Kansas City

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