Dr. Prof. Leonard King

Dr. Prof. Leonard King: More Extensions

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Dr. Prof. Leonard King
Title: More Extensions

The musical end result of this venture, featuring Dr. Prof. Leonard King & Gerard Gibbs, is the culmination of many years of touring throughout the world with the James Carter Organ Trio. Both musicians have developed a great rapport over the years which translates itself in the kind of risk taking that they like to do while remaining grounded firmly in a soulful communication. Therefore these two musicians have created an audio texture that sounds like a least four people. No overdubbing or multi-tracking was necessary.

1.1 Plight
1.2 Message from Mars
1.3 Gerard's A-100 Alley Blues
1.4 Three/Four Vs. Six/Eight, Four/Four Ways
1.5 Something Sweet, Something Tender
1.6 For B.P

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